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Cambodia has become a popular destination since it opened up in 2001. Each year more than two million visitors come here, and most visit Siem Reap in order to see the incredible Angkor temples.

How to get to Siem Reap

For travellers on a budget, Siem Reap can be accessed by bus from Bangkok (generally a lot cheaper than the one hour flight) and likewise, if you're approaching from Vietnam, you can travel by bus (or ferry) to Phnom Penh, and then take the 5-6 hour bus ride up to Siem Reap.

If you wish to fly in to Siem Reap, then airlines will take you from Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore as well as from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Shop around online. Most airlines (globally) offer a two-tier pricing system so that locals flying for Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok are generally paying less than the person who books from the US or the UK.


You get your Visa when you arrive in Cambodia, with a massive one page stamp in your passport. It looks impressive.

Health recommendations

Visitors to the region are generally advised to get their jabs as a protection against Hepatitis A + B, Typhoid and Tetanus as well as to take malaria tablets. It sounds severe, but it is wise to err on the safe side to prevent an emergency.


Planning to Volunteer?

If you are considering volunteering at Savong School or the SOC (or any other organisation in Cambodia) do have a careful think about your expectations and responsibilities.

There is vigorous debate about the role of voluntourism - and the reality is that some tourists may use the experience as little more than a photo-op, a Madonna Moment, with little regard for the children and local staff. On the upside, volunteers can contribute hugely to the education and operation of local efforts, as well as to the ongoing spreading of the news to like-minded supporters who wish also to make a positive difference.

Some values to consider include:

  • Don't focus on how this will change YOUR life (it probably will anyhow) but, rather, focus on the long term benefit of the children in the care of the school or SOC.
  • Prepare before you come to Cambodia. What are you bringing to the organisation? How will the children benefit through what you do?
  • Volunteer with the view that this may be the start of a life-long commitment.


If you're travelling to Cambodia - be sure to visit our school. To help you plan your journey here are a few links to travel and information related sites that may prove helpful.

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Siem Reap Cambodia

November/December 2010

A lot going on in the last two months of 2010. Generous Singaporean support saw the completion of additional fish farm capacity (another 1000 baby fish have found a temporary home - yum!) and Australian supporters from Tasmania (Newstead College) have contributed significantly to the upcoming chicken farm.

To download the latest edition of the Savong School newsletter - click here. Be patient, it will take 30 seconds to download unless your internet is a lot faster than ours!

At the SOC new children have joined (four of them with their mother who now has employment).

Meanwhile on the less spectacular end of the spectrum, we've been developing the paperwork and systems with a new volunteer bookings calendar on this website in order to better co-ordinate volunteers, and with a work-in-progress guide for volunteers also. You can download the guide for volunteers to Savong School and SOC. Click to download and then wait at least 30 seconds (it will happen!) The document is just over 1MB

click here to download guide


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